9 Major Things You Need to Know About
Mini And Micro Pigs

So you want a new pet - a miniature pig.
But what do you know about mini and micro pigs?

Do you know

how big mini and micro pigs get and how long they live?

whether you are allowed to keep a mini or micro pig in the first place?

whether these types of pigs get on with your other animals or with your children?

how to care for your mini or micro pig?

what to feed to your mini or micro pig?

what the housing requirements are?

about health issues and what to do when your mini or micro pig falls ill?

how to communicate with your mini or micro pig?

how to train your pig?

All the answers to above questions and many more are in the comprehensive "This Little Piggy" ebook. The more you educate yourself about your pet the more you enjoy each other's company.


You'll also get answers on

how to go about finding a breeder to buy from

Where to get more information and what organisations there are about mini pigs

Having a pet can be so rewarding and enjoyable for all the family
. Especially for children it is not only exciting to have a new pet but also very educational as they learn about being responsible for the pet and learn how to be sensitive and caring towards the needs of the animal. The 'This Little Piggy' ebook will give you all the answers and  information you need to have an extraordinary relationship with your mini pig and so much more.

Click the picture below and watch the video to see what great pets mini pigs make.




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Enjoy the new addition to your life.

Liane Pedro